a call for solidarity with the people of Greece

The ECB’s threat to cut off funding to Greece’s banks is nothing less than a calculated but desperate act of financial war intended to provoke the collapse of the Greek banking system in order to bring about a regime change. It is an attempted coup d’état against the democratic leftist Syriza government instigated by unelected technocrats without a mandate from anyone. This is a critical moment. If we believe in social justice and real democracy then it is essential that we show solidarity with the people of Greece.

In Britain, the political alliance Left Unity have issued the following message of support and are organising protests commencing tomorrow [Monday 29th] in Trafalgar Square and at other yet to be decided locations across the country:

Dear Alexis Tsipras,

I am writing to send solidarity greetings from Left Unity, the new party of the left in Britain, to you and to the comrades of Syriza.

Your principled stand against the blackmail and diktats of the European financial institutions is an inspiration. You have exposed the rotten core of European capital to the light of democracy and are fighting for the dignity of the people of Greece.

We are well aware that your struggle is of momentous importance for all the people of Europe. Your struggle is our struggle and we stand by you as you prepare for the referendum and as you face the outcome.

Together we say No to the Troika and the blackmail and we wish Syriza and the people of Greece a great victory.

In Solidarity,

Kate Hudson
National Secretary – Left Unity

London protest details: 

Assemble tomorrow (Monday 29 June) at 6pm, Trafalgar Square, in front of National Gallery. Speakers to include Marina Prentoulis, Caroline Lucas, Kate Hudson, Owen Jones and more. Organised by Greece Solidarity Campaign, supported by Left Unity. Facebook event.

Can you organise a protest near you, a local solidarity letter or anything else? Email volunteers@leftunity.org

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