Greece’s Proposals to End the Crisis: My intervention at today’s Eurogroup

As the EU and the ECB back Greece into a corner yet again, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has issued the following statement and a full copy of his presentation to the Eurogroup meeting.

If there is a default at the end of June followed by Grexit (meaning Grexpulsion), then no-one can seriously claim that Varoufakis and Syriza did not try in every way to prevent it. Indeed, one wonders if compromise was ever possible given how it now appears that the technocrats heading the ECB and the EU care nothing for Greece and surprisingly little for the future of the EU itself. But Syriza should also beware that they do not compromise too much; for that would be the worst defeat of all.

Yanis Varoufakis

The only antidote to propaganda and malicious ‘leaks’ is transparency. After so much disinformation on my presentation at the Eurogroup of the Greek government’s position, the only response is to post the precise words uttered within. Read them and judge for yourselves whether the Greek government’s proposals constitute a basis for agreement.

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One response to “Greece’s Proposals to End the Crisis: My intervention at today’s Eurogroup

  1. darren

    Lets hope the rest of the forces against Greece start to take his words seriously, else the historians will be writing about the chance when Europe had the chance to save itself…but didnt because of Germany, well Dr Schauble, not backing down and admitting that his own preferred ideological answer to the Greek crisis is fundamentally flawed, leading to widespread suffering. Not the first time in recent times the Germans have become too headstrong when they think they are right and try to impose their ideas on others. Like before though, it will backfire again in the not too distant future.

    Odd that Varoufakis has been stating virtually the same speech since becoming the finance minister, and trying to be heard in many inventive ways. Maybe there will be a time in the next few days when those who have the power to influence this impasse will actually take him at his word and stop trying to frame him as the arch manipulator.

    As someone following this and how it has unfolded very closely, this time it is not the Greeks ready to do the shafting when the other side bends over. The Greeks have been patient, acknowledging and honouring the last couple of Government’s dreadful decisions by not changing anything internally that goes against the agreed austerity measures. They are waiting for the go ahead, so they can actually apply their own solutions and start running Greece like a sovereign nation again, all with the say so of its European partners. You cant be more reliable than that when facing a humanitarian disaster on your shore. Maybe Syriza’s policies are a threat to wider business oriented European governments comfortable in their old seats of power, but if they dont budge, they are taking Europe into a very dark place, somewhere that will once again start to have those threats of togetherness clawed apart and manifest into something even more horrible. The threat of the foreign other is already one thread ripped open in Europe, it doesnt need many more before all hell breaks loose!


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