the frack stops here! join the rally in Preston on Weds 28th

If you watched Channel 4 News earlier, then you will be aware that Lancashire County Council’s planning officers today recommended that Cuadrilla’s plans for two of the largest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK (at Rosecare Wood and Little Plumpton) should be refused. This was a very significant decision, but further action is still needed to resist Cuadrilla.

Lancashire County Council’s Recommendation report can be downloaded here (please note the report takes a long time to download).

The fight resumes next Wednesday 28th, when Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to give Cuadrilla final approval. If permission is granted then each site will eventually have four horizontal wells, producing tens of millions of gallons of radioactive and toxic waste, and opening the door to thousands more wells to be drilled across Lancashire (and the rest of the country). So if Cuadrilla can be stopped in Lancashire, this will represent a major campaign victory — as well as an enormous boost for anti-fracking groups across the country (and beyond).

In light of the release of today’s report, the local protection group, Residents Action on Fylde Fracking (RAFF), issued the following statement:

“We are absolutely delighted of course. It feels like a huge victory. But we are very pragmatic about it. We are still planning our mass demonstration next week.

“Noise and traffic are very relevant objections but our feeling is that the main objections should have been public health. Cuadrilla are not going to go away. They are going to throw everything at it. So the fight goes on.”

“Already Cuadrilla, their associated companies and some of the media are talking about the lights going out and the UK’s need to import gas. This is scaremongering. The people of Lancashire are sending a challenge to the energy sector to forget about fossil fuels and to look to the future by finding solutions in renewable and sustainable energy sources”

Frack Free Lancashire are calling on concerned people from across the country to gather outside County Hall, Preston, and join what will hopefully be the biggest anti-fracking rally so far seen in the UK. Details of the event along with useful links are listed below:

Event: The Frack Stops Here!

Location: County Hall, Preston, Lancashire

Dates: Weds 28th & Thurs 29th January 2015 Time: 9-5pm


Contact if you want to help organise transport from your region.

Please try and wear YELLOW!

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