October 20th London anti-cuts demonstration: can you help?

The following message from the Coalition of Resistance was received earlier today:

Coalition of Resistance is working for the biggest possible turn out on the TUC’s ‘a future that works’ demonstration. Hundreds of coaches have been booked from across the country and even some trains. Click here to see transport details.

Our simple ‘No Cuts’ message is one which is more important than ever — more than 80% of planned cuts are yet to come. The demonstration will be our chance to show that despite all the propaganda from the government and the media, cuts are not necessary.

How can you help?

Building the demonstration:
Click here for some suggestions about how you can spread the word as widely as possible about the demo.

Click here to order Coalition of Resistance leaflets, posters and stickers publicising the demo.

Preparations for the demo:
We are producing thousands of ‘No Cuts’ placards and a four page ‘demo special’ broadsheet with articles from leading figures in the movement about the alternatives to austerity.

We are going to need a big team of people to help distribute these throughout the demo and to help make up the placards in the week before.

Call for volunteers
We need hundreds of volunteers to help out on the day and in the run up to the demo.

If you can join the Coalition of Resistance team, please email coalitionofresistance@mail.com or phone Sam on 07872 481769.

We are organising an activist meeting to go through the plans for the day and to discuss what we can do in the last few days to maximise turn-out for the demo. Please do bring people along:

Coalition of Resistance Activist Meeting: Can you help for 20 October demo?

6:30pm, Wednesday 10 October

Room G2, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

Please confirm and invite your friends on Facebook


A website that lists all of the transport available from different parts of the country is here: falseeconomy.org.uk/travel/uk/all/t1

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