the secret world of Lord Ashcroft

For a close-up look into the murky world of offshore business, I recommend yesterday’s Panorama investigation of Tory bigwig Lord Ashcroft’s Caribbean connections:

Secrets of the Tory Billionaire — Panorama

broadcast on BBC1 at 8:30pm-9:00pm on Monday 30th January
Editor: Tom Giles
Producers: James Oliver, Andrew Head

Declan Lawn investigates the extent to which Michael Ashcroft has been truthful about his business empire. He’s donated more than £10 million to the Conservative Party and his cash helped put David Cameron into power. So how truthful has Lord Ashcroft been about the extent of his business empire? Panorama investigated his links to a controversial construction company in the Caribbean which has gone bust with debts of some $30 million.

Click here for link to BBC iplayer

Available on BBC iplayer until 8:59pm on Tuesday 29th January 2013.

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One response to “the secret world of Lord Ashcroft

  1. darren

    yes, what a dirty old sod this scumbag really is. Nice to know we dont even have to rely on foreign tax havens as we have our own created by the old boys network.


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