petition to close down Guantánamo (ten years too late)

The following message from Amnesty International comes on the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Guantánamo Bay ‘detention camp’. At a time when Obama is slackening the rules to allow indefinite detention without trial of US citizens with the new provisions of NDAA 2012 (see earlier post), it calls on people from around the world to send a message to Obama to keep his original election promise of closing Guantánamo:

Dear Supporter,

Today marks a decade since the first detainee was transferred to the US detention centre at Guantánamo Bay. Ten years, some 779 detainees, numerous torture allegations and a string of broken promises later, 171 men remain behind bars at the camp.

Most detainees have never been charged with a crime and have no sense of when they might face trial, if at all.

Indefinite detention without trial is illegal. Sign our global petition: action must be taken to close Guantánamo

One of those still held at Guantánamo is former UK resident Shaker Aamer. Shaker will reach his own ten-year ‘anniversary’ at the prison in February – even though he has never having been charged with an identifiable crime. Help end his ordeal – tell Obama to take action to close Guantánamo

President Obama has failed to come true on the promise he made two days after taking office to close Guantánamo Bay. So we need to collect at least 100,000 signatures globally to send a powerful message that we’re tired of his excuses.

The US authorities must either charge the remaining detainees, granting them a fair trial, or release them unconditionally.

Ten years of Guantánamo Bay means ten years of human rights abuse. It’s been ten years too long. Sign the petition

Thank you,

Verity Coyle
Verity Coyle
Campaign Manager

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