campaign to save the NHS — urgent call for release of hidden report

The following message from the 38 Degrees team was received earlier today. It outlines the latest twist of events in their campaign to save the NHS and encourages people to urgently lobby their MPs to demand the release of a hidden civil service report:

What’s he trying to hide? For a year health minister Andrew Lansley has been refusing to publish a civil service report on the risks he’s taking with the NHS. Now the Information Commissioner has ordered him to publish it. [1] But he could still keep it hidden for another month – until after more key votes have taken place. [2]

We can’t afford to wait that long. The House of Lords is debating the NHS plans right now. If the report on risks to the NHS is released immediately, it could persuade key members of the House of Lords to stand up to the government.

Let’s raise an uproar in Parliament and force Lansley’s hand. Email your MP now and tell them to demand this secret NHS report is made public immediately:

Pressure from MPs could force Lansley to publish this report. If enough of us contact them now, we can get it out in the open before it’s too late. MPs won’t want to find themselves back under fire because of Lansley’s cover-up. So let’s all email our MPs now and tell them they have to force Lansley to publish his secret NHS risks report.

The Information Commissioner’s ruling lists Andrew Lansley’s arguments for why he wants this report kept secret. Lansley argued that releasing the report “would have jeopardised the success of the policy”! [3] He’s kept us, MPs, and members of the Lords in the dark deliberately because he’s worried that making these risks public could derail his plans.

Please take two minutes to ask your MP to demand the NHS risks report is made public immediately:

The NHS belongs to all of us. We all pay for it, and we all rely on it to care for us and our loved ones. We don’t want it put at risk – that’s exactly why we’ve been campaigning together all these months. We have a right to see what this report says.

Let’s work together to get our MPs to force Lansley to publish the secret NHS risk report:

Thanks for being involved,

Johnny, Becky, Marie, Hannah, Cian, David and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The Evening Standard reports that the “Department of Health twice breached the freedom of information law” to keep this report secret. Why is Lansley going to such lengths to keep it secret from us? Email your MP and demand it’s published immediately:

[2] The Information Commissioner has ordered Lansley to release the report within 35 calendar days. But Lansley could even appeal to drag things out even longer.
[3] You can read the full Information Commissioner judgement here:


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