los indignados converge on Paris

The marchers of los indignados, who set off from Madrid on July 25th, are now a few days south of Paris. Joining forces with another group marching from Toulouse, they have pitched camp in Orléans for the night:

… Orléans is a so-called ‘Sarkozy laboratory’. The city is almost completely controlled by camera’s, police have far reaching authority to repress people sleeping, camping, or otherwise behaving out of the ordinary. Putting up tents here, anywhere, is a risk. Police can come in to arrest and destroy first and ask questions later.

We do things the Spanish way. We don’t care. We put up our tents and see what happens. Until now there hasn’t been a single police officer in sight. We’re much more numerous today, and we were on the front page of the local newspaper. It’s always possible that they attack tonight, but as we are leaving tomorrow they probably think it isn’t worth the bad publicity.

To read more about their journey, and keep up with their progress as they head for Brussels, find daily posts on their own blog.

To learn more about how this grassroots movement arose and has grown, and what those within it are aiming to achieve, I recommend the Al Jazeera documentary “People & Power” which was first broadcast on June 22nd:

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