the story from Israel we’re not hearing

“Last Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of a Middle Eastern city.

“Demanding change, they were fed up with the ruling elite and said their government was no longer listening to its people.

“But this was not Egypt, Tunisia or Libya. This was Israel.”

wrote BBC correspondent Wyre Davies last Friday (August 12th).

The street protests, which began about a month ago, have since gathered momentum and look set to continue. Davies makes a direct comparison to the uprising five months ago in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and there are also obvious parallels with the street protests in Athens, and the Spanish los indignados movement:

“People here have many different grievances. Each part of the protesters’ tented city, along Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, is home to a particular group with an axe to grind. […]

“They say their “movement” is deliberately non-political. It is not about Israel and the Palestinians but normal Israelis concerned that their country is losing all sense of moral and collective responsibility.”1

Click here to read the full article on BBC News.

So why is this story not more headlined?

On August 2nd, Russia Today asked why other news services have paid so little attention to these protests:

“Perhaps it is not that interesting to their editors back in the studios. OK, there is a protest, what exactly is a protest? A social protest? A revolution? It is not the same kind of story, as big and dramatic as some of the bigger revolutions happening around the Middle East,” says Amir Mizroch, English editor for Yisrael Hayom daily.

Amir Mizroch is not surprised by the worldwide lack of media interest. He has worked in the Israeli press for a decade reporting for media both foreign and local.

“There is a box that the international media has put Israel in, and it is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Also the Israeli-Lebanese and Syrian conflict. And anything that is not directly linked to that is not the immediate type of news item, which is unfortunate,” he says.

Blogger and journalist Danny Schechter agrees, saying foreign media tend to depict Israel as some monolithic country, which in reality it is not.

“When you look at the Middle East, they talk only about the Arab countries. Only they have internal discord. You never hear about Israel’s internal discord. And the fact that this uprising is taking place in Israel while at the same time there is one going on in Syria and there is one going on in Egypt shows that the same pressures are being experienced by the Israeli people as well,” he said.

Click here to read full report on Russia Today website.

1  Israel’s ‘social protests’ rattle Netanyahu government”, by Wyre Davies, published on Friday 12th August.

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