a journey of a thousand miles begins for los indignados

On Monday, thousands of protesters crowded back into central Madrid, still angry at their government’s ineffectual response to averting the economic crisis that is now engulfing the country. Demonstrators from all across the country have been marching for weeks, to demand quick action to deal with the country’s debt and mass unemployment.

Russia Today‘s Irina Galushko was in Madrid to hear what the protesters, now known as los indignados, have to say:

Many of those in Madrid have since taken to the road again, setting off on a thousand mile march; intent on voicing their anger more directly to the European Parliament in Brussels:

“They say they are marching because they are fed up with the way the economic crisis is playing out in Europe, with spending cuts, job losses, and privatisations, while those they blame for the recession remain unaffected.

“The aim is to link up with fellow indignants from across Europe for a mass rally in October.”

Click here to read the full report from BBC News.

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