Los Indignados, Retake the Streets! June 19 protest in Sheffield

This Sunday is TOMA LAS CALLES! Retake the Streets! And protesters in Spain are encouraging international groups to join them in Europe-wide action, with rallies and marches of solidarity on 19th June.

There will be a gathering outside the Town Hall in Sheffield city centre from 18:00 on Sunday evening in support of the Spanish and Greek protestors, many of whom have been occupying their own city centres for more than a month, camping out on the streets, and with others joining them each evening to voice dissent against their governments’ programmes of banker bail-outs, public spending cuts and the creeping corporate take-over of their nations. Rallies are also set to take place in London, Manchester and Brighton (see below for details).

For an excellent recent overview of the Spanish protests watch this report on France 24 News.

Click here for links to previous articles about the Greek and Spanish protest movements.

Aside from the mass protests across Spain and Greece, there are also protests happening in many other cities across the continent. Here is a full listing of confirmed events taking place this Sunday:

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One response to “Los Indignados, Retake the Streets! June 19 protest in Sheffield

  1. Marta

    On June 16th there were riots in Barcelona when protesters tried to stop Catalan MPs entering Parliament to discuss next year’s austerity budget. Some protester sprayed MPs with paint and, in some cases, threw stones at them. Representatives of the “indignados” movement have rejected any violent acts on the part of protesters, and yet the police were far more violent in my view, and there are witnesses who claim that it was in fact infiltrated policemen who instigated violence in the first place. Some protesters may face prison sentences up to five years long. Here are two reports in English (the second one is the more detailed one and includes a video):




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