clampdown by Egypt’s new leaders

We have been led to believe by the mainstream media that the revolution in Egypt is over. The sad truth is, however, that the struggle for freedom continues, and that the new government is no less resistant to progressive change than the old regime it has supplanted.

Last week, the new Egyptian cabinet passed a decree making illegal any demonstrations or strikes that “lead to hindering of private or public authorities.” The text runs:

The cabinet reasserted the necessity of immediate stoppage of all demonstrations and strikes witnessed nationwide especially that the cabinet has received huge amount of legal demands and responded to them, and other demands are studied especially that the government is working to prepare a complete frame to deal with policies of employment and incomes. In this concern, the cabinet approved the draft law criminalizing some strikes, demonstrations and mob included the following;

a- Who make or participate in any demonstration or strike that lead to hindering of private or public authorities.
b- Who incite, call or promote to the mentioned crimes.
c- Taking the mentioned crimes while running of emergency case.
d- Penalties includes; imprisonment [a maximum of one year] and fines either both or one of them, and fines may reach EGP 500,000.

“This law would only be implemented during times of emergency law and those draft laws would be presented to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to issue a decree,” Magdy Rady, spokesman for the cabinet told Ahram Online.

However there has been a state of emergency since the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Based on an article posted by the Egyptian Worker Solidarity movement. For link to original article posted on Wednesday 23rd March click here.

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