Libya no-fly zone means war

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution establishing a no-fly zone over Libya. The case against such direct military intervention is coming from the left and the right.

Michel Chossudovsky, director of Centre for Research on Globalization, says western nations are interested in Libyan oil and other resources, not protecting the people and that is why they care more about the fight in Libya, than elsewhere in the Arab world.

BBC’s Jeremy Paxman interviews Noam Chomsky, Professor in linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), philosopher, cognitive scientist, and political activist. Chomsky talks about the likely consequences of the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa and the prospects for any Western intervention. He also gives his interpretation of the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

This interview took place on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 (parts 1 and 2):

Rep. Ron Paul spoke in Congress on March 10th, expressing his stance on a Libyan no-fly zone. He said: “It is my opinion that we should not. It would be foolish, it would have a downside, and we should think very, very carefully, before we go expanding the wars that we are already involved in.” “We have to remember, a no-fly zone is an act of war.” “There’s no Constitutional authority for a President to willy-nilly go and start placing no-fly zones over countries around the world.

He mentions the no-fly zone and sanctions imposed on Iraq, and it ending up in a war based on lies, saying, “We went to war when we shouldn’t have gone to war.”

He goes on to say: “To expand this war now makes no sense whatsoever. It’s against International Law, it challenges the War Powers Resolution, and for that reason we should stop and think. Congress should act. I am preparing to introduce a resolution next week, so that the Executive Branch can’t do this without approval from the Congress. Why should we do this?” “This is the kind of thing that has been going on for too long, and contributes significantly to our bankruptcy.”

He finishes by saying: “If we want to do something for humanity, we need a new foreign policy. A foreign policy that isn’t based on militarism, it’s built on more co-operation and more trade, and not picking our dictators.”

John Rees of Stop the War Coalition argues against the morality of military intervention in Libya by the west and says it will simply galvanise pro-Gaddafi support. He makes his case on the BBC Radio 4 programme the Moral Maze on March 9th:



The original uploaded video clips of Ron Paul and Noam Chomsky have disappeared from youtube. However, new versions have since been posted and are embedded again below:


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