phone hacking & the big society sell-off

The following documentaries, broadcast yesterday evening (and scheduled at the same time), are both highly recommended:

Exposed: The Dark Arts – Panorama

broadcast on BBC1 at 8:30pm-9:00pm
Editor Tom Giles
Producer Stephen Scott

Reporter Vivian White investigates the questionable methods used by some journalists at the News of the World to get a story, revealing allegations of law-breaking that go beyond phone hacking, he asks whether police inaction allowed such practices to continue.

“Phone hacking was once dismissed by executives at News International as the illegal work of “one rogue reporter”. The defence collapsed with one journalist at the News of the World being sacked and the original police inquiry having to be re-opened. Panorama exposes the full extent of the “dark arts” employed by journalists across the industry to get their story. The programme reveals a dishonourable history of law breaking that went beyond phone hacking and questions the police inaction that let it continue.”

Click here for link to BBC iplayer

Dispatches: Britain’s Secret Fat Cats

broadcast on Channel 4 at 8:00pm-9:00pm
Executive Producer Tom Porter

Journalist Ben Laurance explores the likely effects of the Government’s spending cuts and plans for the Big Society. He reveals how private outsourcing companies such as Serco and G4S are set to take over large areas of the public sector and, based on track records, the likely effects on services.

Click here for link to 4OD

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